Sacramental needs of hospital patients are taken care of by the hospital chaplain or by a local priest of a nearby parish.  St George Parish Priests or Deacons visit parishioners in local hospitals if requested by family members or friends.  In an emergency, St. George Parish Priests or Deacons will respond to sacramental needs either in a home or at the hospital.  

Contact the rectory at 708-532-2243.


Baptisms take place on Sunday at the 11:30 am Mass upon request and availability. We ask that the family is registered at St. George Parish as this is the beginning of life in the church for your child.  A Baptismal Preparation Session is obligatory in advance of the Baptism. Please call the rectory for registration in this Session.

If the parents have attended a Baptismal Preparation Session within the past two years, they are not required to attend another Session.  The family may invite a visiting priest.  A donation to the Church is requested of each family.  A Godparent must be a practicing Catholic, 16 years of age and who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Contact the rectory at 708-532-2243.


Confirmations are celebrated annually with a Bishop.  The preparation helps Catholics understand the promises made for them at Baptism.   All Confirmandi are interviewed to determine their willingness to live as Catholics.  Candidates attend a retreat and are expected to do service.   A donation is requested.  

Contact the Religious Education Office at 708-532-8211.


Preparation for First Eucharist is done through Religious Education and St. George School.  Home bound parishioners may contact the rectory at 708-532-2243.  For preparation information, contact the Religious Education Office at 708-532-8211.

Eucharist is available daily at the scheduled Mass times.  Those who are home bound and wish to receive Eucharist are served by Agape Ministers who will bring communion to their home.  

Contact the rectory at 708-532-2243.


St. George is proud that several vocations to the priesthood and the deaconate have come from our parish.  Those who feel called are encouraged to call Fr. Paul Seaman at 708-532-2243.  


Wedding Masses are at 5:00 PM on Fridays, and 11:00 A.M, 12:30 or 2:00 PM on Saturdays.  All wedding arrangements must be made with a parish priest or deacon at least four months prior to the desired date. One of the parties or members of their immediate family should be registered at St. George Parish six months prior to arranging a wedding. The couple must attend a Marriage Preparation Session.  A wedding offering for St. George Parish is required.

More information may be found in the St. George Wedding Booklet.  

Call the rectory at 708-532-2243 to arrange an appointment with a deacon.


New schedule!.  Every Saturday before 4:00 pm Mass, beginning at 3:15 pm.  Reserve your spot using the link on our website's homepage, or call the rectory office at 708-532-2243.  There will be NO reconciliation on the Thursday preceding the first Friday of the month. No confessions will be heard on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Reconciliation can also be made by appointment with one of the priests.  For more information, or to speak with a priest, call the rectory at 708-532-2243.

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