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Message from Father Paul

August 7, 2022

Being “ready for anything” can be a daunting task. Usually we hear that phrase in reference to the unexpected, and also unpleasantly unexpected. But in the Gospel today, Jesus is calling us to be ready to accept the Kingdom of God. Now that’s something we all look forward to!  Isn’t it interesting that Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a thief in the night? Doesn’t seem like a very flattering or even respectful way to make His case. If there is one thing you can count on with Jesus, it is that He often likes to upset the apple cart.

So what is it this “thief in the night” might be looking to steal? Maybe not our TV or computer or money. Maybe this is the thief who will take away those things that push God out of the picture, those things that separate us from God. So what is it, God? What in me needs to be stolen away so I can become my truest self? What needs to be taken away so I can be an authentic disciple? Maybe this thief can become our best friend.

In other news, did you notice something missing? When the new electric sign outside the church was built, the expectation was that the old sign would be removed. Well, that didn’t happen for a while until last week. Removing the old sign declutters the front of our property and gives a more open feel to the lawn.

Another recent accomplishment was the installation of several cameras around the campus. This new security measure will hopefully deter any inappropriate behavior that might put people in harm’s way or do damage to our beautiful campus. The safety of our parishioners and students is a high priority at Saint George.

Many people have asked about the rectory kitchen which was wrecked in January by an overhead burst pipe. In order to do the job correctly, we hired an engineering firm to show us the best way to re-route the pipes to avoid this issue in the future. By the time we got all the contractors lined up, and insurance issues settled, it was July! So the piping work is completed, and now the worst is yet to come. The cabinets, countertops and flooring in five rooms will all be removed and replaced — once the cabinets are delivered which may be several weeks if not months away. Most of the expense will be covered by insurance, though we will have bills related to the project.

Lastly, the work on the steeple has been rescheduled by the contractor until the end of August. As long as we have several days of clear weather at that time, we should be good to go.

In the meantime, praise God and enjoy the summer!