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Fair Trade


Every time you make a purchase from our partners, you’re supporting ethical business practices that adhere to our high standards. These practices help lift workers out of poverty and protect our environment, but your impact doesn’t stop there. Our partners donate a percentage of your purchase to the CRS Fair Trade Fund. By investing in CRS projects across the globe, the Fund helps individuals and communities thrive.

The stock has been replenished!  Prepare a gift basket for family or friends for the holidays!  When you give a Fair Trade gift you give twice.  Warm up with Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and a bowl of soup made with Fair Trade Soup Mixes.  Try some new coffee blends.  Ohhh and don’t forget the Divine Chocolate.

New Coffee List:

Breakfast Brew Light Roast. Mild blend of three growing regions.

Columbian Supremo – Light roast. Produces a heavy flavor and aroma coupled with a full body and acidity.

Organic Rainforest – Light roast. Medium roast that produces a rich, fruity aftertaste.

Organic Velvet Hammer – Medium/dark roast. Intense in every category. Sharp acidity enveloped in as smoky flavor.

Sumatra Mandheling Light roast. Carries a heavy, syrupy body with very little acid.

Vienna Decaf – Medium roast. Perfectly balanced decaf of light and dark roasts combined.

Peruvian – Light roast. Well balanced bean with full body
and acidity.

Peruvian Decaf – Light roast. Mountain Water Processed beans are smooth and breezy on your palate. Buttery notes compliment a gentle robustness. Has a pleasant aroma and medium body.

Guatamala Antigua Light roast. Smooth, medium body. Smoky aroma and aftertaste.

Also… Fair Trade Volunteers are needed: Could you find time to volunteer once a month for 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after the Mass you attend on Saturday or Sunday to help with the very easy task of manning the table to sell Fair Trade products?  Two people are needed for each of the weekend Masses. By helping with Fair Trade you are helping poor farmers and their families around the world earn a sustainable income. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please call Angie Brady, 708-341-3644 if you can help.