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Message from Father Paul

June 26, 2022

Getting together with people you enjoy is always fun. I hope that was your experience over Father’s Day weekend. That week some of us at Saint George had a couple events as well. On Wednesday, June 15, the parish staff got together for our Christmas party. Yup, you read that correctly, our Christmas party! It is amazing how hard it is to get everyone together! Between staff members and their spouses, we had about 25 people for dinner.

We recognized some important milestones for the parish: Father Ken’s, Darlene Georges’, and Angela Kvasnica’s retirement. We welcomed Namara Swillum as our new assistant to the Director of Children’s Faith Formation, Renee Beemsterboer, as our new operations Director, Mary Boss, our bulletin editor, Tom Labanauskas, our new Director of Liturgy and Music, and Kristen Maxwell, as our new Youth Minister, who will come on board on August 15th. These transitions can sometimes be painful. But here at Saint George, things have moved along exceptionally well.

There were more sobering moments we recalled as well. God called home Anita Hayes, who served in our Children’s Faith Formation for three decades, and Deacon Joe Truesdale. We prayed for them and their families.

The following Friday, Naomi O’Malley was kind enough to host a wonderful party for our recent catechists in honor of Angela Kvasnica. Angela was beaming with joy. She was joined by her husband, Bill and daughter, Amanda.  All of us present were full of appreciation (and good food, too!). I am confident that Angela will keep that evening close to her heart for a very long time. It was a delightful get together.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is he writing about this?” I mention these two events because they say something about our parish. I think it is important that our parishioners know how much our staff likes each other. That should be a given, but you may have experienced workplaces where that was not the case. I sadly have known a parish staff that was divided and unkind to each other. Saint George is not like that! We all enjoy each other’s company and look out for each other.

These events also point out a characteristic of Saint George that I feel often. The people of this parish are grateful. I see expressions of gratitude every day. Gratitude is a cornerstone of my spirituality. I thank God for Saint George and pray that I can be a better pastor each day.

Lastly, we are on the verge of hiring a person for a new position of Director of Lifelong Formation. This person will be responsible for everything from baptisms to Children’s Faith Formation, to the Order for Christian Initiation, to Adult Education. It is a big job. Please pray we find the right person. As always, these kinds of moves happen only because of your continued support of Saint George. Thank you for your loving dedication to our parish.