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Message from Father Paul

February 25, 2024

We are so proud and excited to have Joe Paprocki with us for our Lenten mission: A Glimpse of God. Just as the disciples were given a glimpse of Jesus in His glory, Joe will walk us through on Sunday, “What the World Needs Now is a Glimpse of God.” Monday, “Glimpsing God in Our Own Lives and in Our Parish.” Tuesday, “Helping Others to Glimpse God: Becoming a Church on the Move.” Each evening will begin at 7:00 PM. Afterwards, we will have wine and cheese, as well as some milder refreshments. In his capacity as an author, Joe has traveled all over the country giving inspiring presentations. In his role as a husband, father and grandfather, Joe knows the challenges of raising a family in a world that often does not recognize a place for God. After you experience this mission, I think you will find new energy and hope in your relationship with Jesus and a greater desire to share it. Please join us and bring a friend!

On Sunday, March 10 at 2:00 PM, Saint George will be hosting a prayer service for Healing the World of Violence. In recent months, we have seen the horrific results of war in the Middle East and Ukraine; street violence fills the news every day; violence in homes that result even in death. These are terrors that some people live with day in and day out. These are the tragedies we must bring to prayer. Please come and join us as we lift up our world in prayer and become more aware of the suffering endured by
so many.

Several weeks ago, I published some of the activities of the Archdiocese and Catholic Charities concerning the asylum seekers in the Chicago metro area. Since then, the Cardinal published an important article in the January 31, 2024 issue of the Chicago Catholic. I urge you to read it (it can be found on the Archdiocesan website). Among the statistics highlighted are (as of January 26):

34,229 people bussed from Texas to Chicago since August, 2020.

16,489 people directly supported by Catholic Charities and Parish Care Initiatives.

3,748 adults and children reunited with families outside Chicago.

11,125 people living in shelters and hotels now in stable housing.

1,400 people assisted with work authorization and Temporary Protection Status applications.

216 (95 families) housed through the Parish Family Sponsorship Program.

These amazing signs of generosity don’t count many of the individual parish initiatives, such as our coat drive, and does not include the help we are giving to people like our Syrian family, who are making inroads in learning English and employment. Living the Corporeal Works of Mercy is a challenge and a gift. These initiatives and many more are reasons to be proud to be Catholic! The world may not recognize them — or appreciate them — but when we are asked, “What did you do for me when I was hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or in prison?” we will have an answer. Thank you for making it possible!