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Message from Father Paul

January 29, 2023

This weekend we kick off Catholic Schools Week at Saint George. We can be very proud of our school. Ms. Pratl, our school principal, does an outstanding job in heading our faculty and staff. Our families are honored. Each student is recognized as a unique individual, gifted by God with talents and ability. The goal of our school is to pass on the Catholic Faith to the next generation, in support of our parents. Additionally, Saint George School has a strong record of academic achievement which continues to grow even stronger.

One of my favorite times of the week is the school Mass. Each grade takes responsibility for coordinating Mass one day a week for a month. They serve as commentators, lectors, offer petitions and gift bearers. And though we have students who are not Catholic, all are made to feel welcome and appreciated.

I hope you will take some time today (Sunday) and see what our school has to offer. Even if you don’t have children in our school, all our parishioners can feel proud of the good work going on at Saint George. If you know people with young children, invite them to call the school and find out more about all we have to offer. I encourage you to meet our teachers, students and parents. I think you will like what you see!

Next week, we will initiate this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal. This year’s goal is $56,210. This reflects 7% of our parish income. Each parish in the Archdiocese participates. The Appeal supports many ministries, charitable work and educational pursuits. We are blest to be a self-sufficient parish. Many parishes in the Archdiocese are struggling to make ends meet. The Appeal helps them continue their ministry.

In addition to doing our part for the Archdiocese, we can use the Appeal to raise funds for our own use. Any money exceeding our goal will come back to Saint George. Last year, the parish received a rebate of $7,907. This money was used to buy new vestments. You may remember them from Christmas. We have more on the way. Because of your generosity, we still had money leftover and will soon be having some of our sacred liturgical objects refinished, such as the processional candles, holy water fonts, processional cross and Eucharistic Adoration candelabra.

This year, we will be a little more ambitious. Any money we receive in excess of our goal will be used to refashion a Marian grotto near the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. We also hope to refresh our landscaping throughout the campus. We will do as much as your generosity allows. You may have already received a letter from the Cardinal about the Appeal. Over the next few weeks, we will all have a chance to contribute to the Annual Catholic Appeal for the good of the Archdiocese and our beloved parish. Please spend some time in prayer considering your gift to the Appeal.