We, the faith-filled community of St. George, nourished by God's Word and His Sacraments and renewed by the Holy Spirit, accept the call to continue the mission of Christ by living in, sharing and transforming our world.

Gracious God,
On this Memorial Day, we pray for those who courageously laid down their lives for the cause of freedom. May the examples of their sacrifice inspire in us the selfless love of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Bless the families of our fallen troops, and fill their homes and their lives with Your strength and peace.
In union with people of goodwill of every nation, embolden us to answer the call to work for peace and justice, and thus, seek an end to violence and conflict around the globe. We ask this through your name.



Thank you for joining us in the celebration of Mass.
Let your friends and family know they can come and celebrate online with us!
Thanks and God bless!

Parish phones continue to be monitored while we are under the Shelter-in-Place order. Call 708-532-2243 or email parish staff with any questions or needs. After-hours emergency line is also available at the above number. Anointing of the Sick is available. Please call Rectory Office.

We are united in prayer and service to one another. Even as we cannot meet in prayer, we continue our mission of prayer for you, serving virtually and bringing on-line community together. Please continue to support our important mission by making an offertory contribution at www.givecentral.org or placing your envelopes in the mail to St. George Church.

Also, please remember those in need through a donation to our St. Vincent DePaul Society. Thank you.


Cardinal Blase Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, has asked Catholic parishes to ring their church bells five times a day, as a means of calling all to unite in prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The prayer times start at 9 a.m. and continue every three hours each day, with the last bells rung at 9 p.m. Each of the five prayer times are dedicated to a specific group particularly affected by the pandemic.

“Our hope is that people will have the experience of being united in prayer, especially at a time when we are isolated,” said Cardinal Cupich. “We invite our neighbors throughout the archdiocese to join in pausing and lifting up in prayer all affected, so they will know of our support.”

9:00 a.m. - Prayer for those infected with the virus and all who are ill
Lord, place your healing hand on those who suffer illness. Bring them to full health and ease their anxious hearts. May our prayer and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary encourage them that they are not alone. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

12:00 p.m. - Prayer for health care workers and those attending to the sick
Lord, we are ennobled by those who put their lives at risk in caring for the sick. Keep them safe and embolden them when they are weary. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

3 p.m. - Prayer for first responders and essential workers
Lord, we pray for those who run to danger to keep us safe and those who serve the common good. Embrace them with your mantle of protection and comfort the fears of their families. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

6 p.m. - Prayer for people of every nation and their leaders
Lord, the pandemic opens our eyes to see each other as brothers and sisters in one human family. We pray for people of every nation and their leaders, asking that they be inspired to seek the good of all and quell the voices of division. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

9 p.m. - Prayer for those who have died today
Lord, we grieve the passing of our sisters and brothers who have died this day. We commend them to your tender mercy, confident that nothing, not even death, will separate us from your love. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

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